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How Can You Make Use of Example of Persuasive Essays?

Examples of Persuasive Essays Assist in the Submission of Successful Essays

All human beings are born with an inbred power of persuasion. The American statesman, scientist and philosopher, Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect”. This quote proves to be true when assigned writing of a persuasive essay. However, many students may find that persuasive writing can be quite challenging. These students can benefit from going through few examples of persuasive essays. Such sample work can act as guidance to the student and help them identify the proper style of writing.

Defining a Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is an essay written in a manner which tries to sway others’ minds in order to agree with the writer’s point of view. The writing of persuasive essays improves students’ knowledge of the art of persuasion. This is a valuable tool which can be put to greater use even after academic studies. The main factor to consider, when writing a persuasive essay is to present the writer’s views in the most logical and coherent manner. In addition, the writing of a persuasive essay requires thorough information to back the writer’s point of view. This means research is a vital component. The topic of a persuasive essay is best selected for its controversy. The ability to persuade depends on there being two or more issues to the topic. In addition, as quoted by Benjamin Franklin, the topic must appeal to interest rather than intellect. If written in the right manner, the writer will be able to persuade his or her readers easily.

Assistance through Examples

Examples of persuasive essays assist students in many ways.
• They provide students the ability to understand the exact manner in which a persuasive essay has to be written.
• They help students to understand the manner in which they should structure and format their persuasive essay.
• They help students to understand how to write their thesis statement.
• They help students to understand the importance of transition between paragraphs.
• They help students to include pertinent information to the persuasive essay.
• They help students to select the most interesting persuasive essay topic.

Identifying Good Examples

Many example essay online do not contain the proper qualities of a good persuasive essay example. Therefore, students need to know how to identify good persuasive essay examples.
• The right amount of information needs to be included in order to persuade.
• The essay needs to be written creatively in order to draw the reader’s attention.
• The essay needs to follow the proper essay writing structure and format.

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