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Understand the Required Format of Research Paper

The Format of Research Paper Should be Determined at the Very Outset

Format of Research PaperFormat of Research Paper is decided by the teacher, supervisor for the research or by the college or university administration. If this is not the case, then referring to the applicability of different formats based on school of study can be the yardstick for selecting a format for the research study. Therefore, the students need to identify and be clear about this matter before starting to write the research paper. This may save you from duplicating extra work in reformatting and changing the written text later. If the students are required to follow a format specified by a widely accepted writing style, they can refer to the guidebook or the manual of formatting pertaining to that writing style. Mostly widely accepted styles are MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago writing Styles.

Follow the Format given by the Supervisor

Students have to follow the format given by the supervisors. If there is no specified format then the students can select a format specified by a standard writing style. MLA writing style is the style mostly used for research papers in Humanities and the Liberal arts while MLA formatting is widely used for papers in Social Sciences. The students who are not written a research paper before, or are not familiar with writing styles can get a copy of the relevant guidelines study it before embarking on writing. Following are some important rules in the MLA guidelines for research paper formatting.

MLA guidelines on Research Paper Format

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers 7th Edition contains current guidelines for format of research paper. Some important rules are given below.

• A title page is not essential for the MLA research papers.
• Research paper should be a computer printout. The paper should be 20 pound (70-80 gsm), 8.5×11 size and white color.
• Use a standard widely used 12-point font (Like Times new Roman)
• The format should be left flushed
• Leave one-inch margins on all four sides (except for the page numbers)
• Double spacing to be used through out the whole document
• Page numbering to be done with a running header containing the last name of the author followed by the page number and placed at the right hand top corner
• At the left hand margin of top corner author’s name, instructors name, course name followed by course number and the date has to be typed in double spaced lines
• Title appears below the above details after a space and centered on the page. Though using question mark or exclamation mark is allowed if appropriate, no period should be used Same font size as the other parts of the paper has to be used without under lining or bold letters

Citing the References is very Important

In any academic paper due credit has to be given to the sources for the ideas, data and the information used in the paper. All the writing styles specify the formats for citing the references. Students have to refer to the guidelines of the selected writing style or get advice from the supervisor for precise format rather than picking it up from unreliable sources.

Research Papers that are recognized by the Academia

Research papers to be recognized by the academia and to pass the requirements of the university, have to comply with the format of research paper. If the students face any problems in writing the research paper they can enlist help of professionals. There are good research paper writing services that offer not only custom research papers but custom essay and sample research papers. Students can buy essay online and research papers written as per the requirements given by them.