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Good essay topics – the issue of deep thinking!

Essential points of topics selecting

Once the students have received the task of writing an essay on a specific topic, almost everyone asked just a natural question – what topic would suit me the best? And how do I know which topic is good, and which – is not? Yes, the situation is quite complicated … What point should I start from? First of all, calm down! Excitement, as a rule, doesn’t contribute much to the logical decision making!
Now, first of all, you have to decide – what type of essays you prefer? That is – in which manner or style you like writing. It is very important because there are many different types of written work, such as Evaluation essay, Definition essay, Argumentative essay, Classification Essay.

And, respectively, after the decision on essay type is made, you can approach the choice of topics.

List of well-becoming essay topics

Here are few good essay topic examples for an argumentative essay-

  • Multilevel Marketing: Real way to become wealthy or financial fraud?
  • To what level has the influence of Dianetics changed the conscience of the Americans

For a persuasive essay good topics –

  • Human cloning and religious ethic.
  • Compulsive on-line disorder may cause the autism problems
  • Technological accidents jeopardize the entire environment survival

For an evaluation essay –

  • With reference to the history, evaluate the role of outstanding personalities in Europe in 16-17th centuries
  • Evaluate the up- and downsides of the use of personal gadgets in the everyday communication in modern society

For an Cause Effect Essay-

  • The effect of multicultural environment to the religious tolerance in the USA and EU countries

For a classification Essay

  • Rate basketball players of the Western Conference from the snipers to the least accurate in year 2010.
  • Rate the USA-made roadsters according to their motor power.

Please never forget – the correct balance between good essay topic and type of essays means the success of further work. Unfortunately, not all students can quickly and sensibly find it. That is the reason that very often the desire to write a refined essay with an exceptional topic turns into another failure and disappointment.

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