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How to start an Essay

Plan on How to Start an Essay at the Essay Outline Stage

When starting to write an essay, problem of how to start an essay will come up. Problem may be the opening sentence or the first paragraph. It can even be the thesis for the essay. It may take a little time for the student to think, collect or recollect the information and ideas on the topic and organize them. If any student sits to start writing, without having any idea of the organization of his/her essay he/she will obviously face this problem. The only remedy is to invest time in to pre-planning the essay and, writing an essay outline before starting to write the essay.

Begin your Essay with a Plan and an Outline

The success of an essay depends on how well it is organized. A well written essay is not just a collection of ideas, excerpts from source material, mixed with the opinions of the writer. An essay has a purpose. It should achieve that purpose whether it is explaining a concept or convincing the reader to take some action, by presenting well organized facts, information, data and the writer’s own opinions. These should flow smoothly from one point to the other. If the students collect the necessary information and organize them to make a plan and write an essay outline, without worrying how to write my essay they will be able to write an outstanding essay.

First Paragraph: Introduction

The first paragraph of the essay makes the first impression of the reader on the essay. It is important to write the first paragraph in a way that helps the readers to get an idea about what the essay is all about. It should also state clearly what the writer’s stand on the topic. Lastly, the introduction must hint at the main contents and the order in which they are presented. After the outline for the essay is written, student need not worry about how to start an essay, as the outline can be used as a road map to the progression of the essay. The first paragraph should include an introduction to the topic, the importance of the main point of the essay and a strong statement of the main point and writer’s stand on it.

Opening Sentence: Attention Getter

Opening Sentence of an essay is probably the most important piece in the essay, in terms of influence on the reader. It should introduce the essay, get the attention of the reader and should stay in reader’s memory. Introductory first paragraph is often compared to a funnel, starting with wide general idea on the topic to narrowing down to the specific main point as stated in the thesis statement. Hence the writer can pay attention to the relationship between the opening sentence and the thesis statement. Just like the thesis of the essay, first sentence also may need revision after the essay is written. Downloading essay online and reading them will help students learn how opening paragraph including the opening sentence is written.

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