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International Essay Contest

Participating In An International Essay Contest

Taking part in an international essay contest is the best practice students could have to write on any topic. It begins with compiling an essay on a topic of interest and soon develops into an art where writing skills could be extended to compile essays on topics they are not familiar with. An essay writing contest brings out the best in a student. There are cash awards and/or other incentives to be won. Winners get to travel abroad and meet up with some of the leading experts in the field. Their essays get published. The learning phase continues, as they meet leading experts they would never have had the opportunity to meet earlier. International social organizations have understood that the younger generation would form the backbone of all future reforms. Important issues related to promoting world peace, improving the economy, eradicating poverty, and tackling environmental issues are best discussed across frontiers. The internet has provided ample scope for students worldwide to participate in essay contests and voice their opinion about such sensitive issues.

Literature buffs can enter the Fountainhead essay contest held every year by the Ayn Rand Institute (ARI), based in California. Ayn Rand has been the best-selling author of several works of literature. The Fountainhead has motivated the youth to pursue modern architecture with its futuristic approach to the subject. Students are encouraged to read her novel, as topics for the contest include writing about chapters they found to be most informative and meaningful when compared to others. The judging panel is looking for ideas that could inspire others through the international essay contest. Inspiration is not an issue, as most participants would have been greatly inspired by the novel.

The 2010 International Essay Competition was sponsored by The World Bank in association with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway. The contest has been held for several years beginning in 2004 on issues related to social reforms. Some important topics covered were reducing world poverty, resolving community problems, fighting corruption, and tackling climatic changes. In 2010, the essay had to be written on youth-led solutions for youth unemployment. Around 2,000 submissions from over 150 countries were accepted from the youth between 18 – 25 years. The youth form around 25% of the world’s working age population. If the unemployment rate would reach the projected 11% in 2010, the youth would be hit quite badly. The issue therefore needed to be discussed on an international forum. The World Bank provided the platform for the youth to voice their opinion on the issue and suggest remedial measures. It was heartening to note that 90% of the entrants were from developing countries.

Another important international essay contest is organized by The Goi Peace Foundation and UNESCO every year. In 2010, the topic was “My Role in Creating a Peaceful World”. Young people categorized into two groups including children upto the age of 14 years and youth between the ages 15 to 25 years can take part in the competition. The Goi Peace foundation endorses several cultural and educational programs to promote peace and sustainable development worldwide.