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What is an Introduction Essay?

write essays for moneyIntroduction Essay has to create a lasting first Impression

An Introduction Essay is useful when it is necessary to present basic information about a person, a product or a concept. Though the introduction essays are not classified under a class of its own, there are instances when essays of this type are commonly used. A simple personal statement written for college admission is a good example. These essays are used extensively in advertising and sales activities as well. This sort of en essay is not just a list of facts on the person or the product introduced, but a persuasive piece of writing to make a lasting impression in the mind of the reader.

Purpose of an Introduction Essay

Purpose of an introduction essay looks self explanatory, but any student learning to write essays introducing a new product, will know it goes beyond that. While giving true and accurate information on the product, writer will have to create a good opinion on the product. A personal statement also does the same thing. In both cases, it is the writer’s job is to highlight the facts and information favorable to achieve the desired purpose. At the same time, a clever writer will take the focus away from any unfavorable or unimpressive aspects surrounding the produce or the concept or the person being presented as the subject of the essay. However, writing inaccurate or false information can be disastrous and therefore, should be avoided at all costs. When students find it difficult to write this type of essays to a high standard, they opt to Introduction Essay Must Make the Subject Shine

When introducing a person or a product it is essential that the essay should highlight the good qualities, traits, and usefulness as applicable. Study the example of the outline for an introduction essay given below, introducing a new kind of emergency lamp.

• Introduction
o Background information {(new, energy saving, use 22 Light Emitting Diodes (LED), durable}
o Main idea: The new type is better than the existing lamps
• Body paragraph 1
o Features (LEDs, improved polymer battery, charger with protection)
• Body paragraph 2
o Cost Savings (low energy consumption, no costly replacing of lamps, comparable prices)
• Body paragraph 3
o Environment friendly, softer light
• Conclusion (restate the main idea)
o Better than existing types of emergency lamps

How to introduce a Person?

Writing an essay to introduce a person is a little different. It should start with a paragraph establishing the identity and why the introduction is necessary. In this first paragraph give the name and other details so that the reader can know whom you are introducing. Main body paragraphs can be devoted for describing the person, devoting each paragraph for one specific aspect, like describe his/her past achievements, good qualities relevant to the situation and what ideas and opinions the person advocates etc. A sample introduction essaypaper from a research paper service can educate students on writing good introduction essays.

Make Your Introductions Right, with some Help

Introduction essay is not a common assignment. When required to write an essay introducing something, or themselves, many students choose to seek writing assistance. A good essay writing service is able to help students write excellent introductions, either by referring to guidance and samples or by having a custom written essay from the service. With help from professionals, they can write essays, which will get superior grades. Types of essay help available from top rung writing firms such as range from topic proposals to search for information, writing the essays, editing and proofreading etc. Students also have the option to order custom essays written on their requirements and specifications.