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Introduction for a Research Paper

Master the Art of writing Introduction for a Research Paper

Introduction for a research paper is very important for its success because introduction makes the first impression on the research paper. If the reader’s interest could not be aroused by the introduction section, reader will not be keen to continue reading. Introduction has to fulfill many purposes other than arousing the interest of the reader. The most important purpose of the introduction is to inform about what is in the research paper and give brief background information on the topic. The research problem that is answered by the results of the research or the thesis proved or supported by the research must also be in the introduction.

A good Introduction is Complete

After reading the introduction the readers will be able to decide whether they want to read the research papers or not. They have to get all the information about the research paper in the introduction. If the introduction is too long, readers will lose interest in reading the instruction too. If too short, the introduction may not be complete. Use your judgment in deciding the length of the introduction. Whichever is the length, there are some very important parts for the introduction. Without them the introduction cannot be complete. For a clear and concise introduction avoid writing any thing more.

Important Parts of an Introduction

Introduction for a research paper should contain the following important parts.

• Write the theme of the research paper in a brief sentence that gets the attention of the reader.
• Give the background information of the topic in one or two sentences.
• Write the thesis statement or the research problem.
• Give a preview of the research paper in few sentences. If you have written an outline for your research paper the preview can follow the outline. This should briefly state what is covered in the paragraphs that form the main body of the research paper.

Introduction for a Research Paper is like a Road map

Introduction for a research paper should act like a road map to the reader as well as to the writer. With the introduction the readers will know how the research paper is structured and how it is organized. It can also inform the reader in what order the arguments facts and analysis are presented. For the writer, introduction can act as a guide for writing the paper without wandering away from the main topic. If the introduction is used as a guide the omissions of key points can also be prevented. Students can get the help to write introductions to research papers from custom essay writing service.

Help for writing Research Papers

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