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Jaws Essay

An Interesting Jaws Essay

A jaws essay can bring to life the horror and suspense the story offers, both in the book and movie. Jaws was written by Peter Benchley in 1974 and became so popular that it was made into a movie in 1975 directed by Steven Spielberg. The story is about a great white shark that brings havoc to a tourist beach resort in Amity with stealth and cunning. It takes three brave men to venture out to kill it. The story is gripping because it talks about a shark that just doesn’t attack and disappear. It stays and preys on unsuspecting victims out for a swim in the sea. The book was accepted even though the characters in it were found to be unsympathetic. In fact, it because so popular that it eventually sold in excess of 20 million copies.

Tragedy strikes in the middle of the night when Chrissie Watkins goes out for a swim. She never returns, as she is attacked and killed by the shark. The police chief Martin Brady senses the extreme danger to other tourists and wants the beach closed. His decision is overturned by Mayor Larry Vaughan as it would drastically affect tourism, which was a major source of income for the town. The people in charge are so desperate to prevent any panic that they hush up things, and even the local newspaper does not cover the incident. Terror strikes again when others are killed by the same shark. Jaws essays can harp on the callousness and negligence that led to people losing their lives.

There is more than what meets the eye as Larry is conniving with the mafia to prevent closing down the beach. He fears it will bring down the value of real estate. Harry Meadows, who first agrees to cover up the story, finds this out through his sources. Matt Hooper, an oceanographer enters the scene to advise Martin and his team on how to deal with the shark. When a boy escapes from the shark close to the beach, Martin decides to go out and kill it. He takes the help of Matt and Quint, a professional shark fisherman.

Three contrasting characters set out to sea. Quint is totally unorthodox and does not hesitate to illegally use a baby dolphin as bait to catch the shark. Martin cannot stand Matt as he resents his close proximity to this wife. In the midst of several clashes and disagreements, the only thing motivating them is the fact that the shark has to be killed. Two days pass by and there is no sign of it. Finally, Matt goes down into the sea in a closed cage. The shark attacks and kills him. The next day, the shark attacks Quint’s boat called Orca, is harpooned several times, but does not die. A Jaws essay should highlight the cunningness and tenacity shown by the shark.

The boat Orca finally sinks with Quint as his foot gets entangled with the ropes and is dragged down under by the shark. Martin survives as the shark draws near but finally succumbs to its wounds and dies. Jaws essays can truly bring out the terror caused by the great white shark.