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Similar to the personal statement, the letter of intent is usually a part of your application package to a post-secondary institution or a scholarship/bursary fund. Since students usually fill out several applications in their academic careers, it goes without saying that the custom letter of intent is one of our most popular services.

Many students and even some professional writers tend to confuse a letter of intent with a personal statement. Though the basic purpose behind both of these documents is more or less the same, there exists a very subtle difference between both of them.

  • The purpose of a personal statement is to primarily reveal the bibliographic facts of one’s life. It depicts how an applicant’s experiences contributed to stimulating his/her interest in the academic discipline of his/her choice.
  • Contrary to this, a letter of intent is more focused on the future. It intends to highlight an applicant’s vision about academic and personal life as well as his/her future plans and intentions.

The strong reasons to choose our letters of intent

  • They clearly state your future goals and your sources of inspiration. They are frank about your reasons for choosing a particular academic institution.
  • They display your in-depth understanding of the academic discipline you intend to pursue and your reasons for being fit for a particular profession.
  • They highlight your true potential. They give a genuine picture of your true personality.
  • They convey your cognizance of the challenges you expect to face while pursuing a specific course.
  • They underscore they contribution you can make to an academic institution or department.
  • They give the committee members a realistic feel of your inherent strengths and weaknesses.
  • They exude conviction, interest and confidence. They are clear, fluent, and well drafted.
  • Above all, they do not rely on cheap gimmicks for creating an impression.


If you need a custom written letter of intent, is the right place to come to. We have a dedicated team of experienced academicians who specialize in drafting personal statements, application essayss, and letters of intent. You can contact your writer at any time to share with them your experiences, accomplishments, and hopes for the future. If you feel that your letter of intent is not as per your requirements, you can request as many revisions as you want for 14 days, at no extra cost.