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MBA Application Essay

Essentials Of An MBA Application Essay

An MBA application essay is an assignment students have to complete as part of a business school’s admission process. Often, students have aspirations and hopes of getting into a particular college. With the number of students appearing for an entrance exam increasing year by year, it has become imperative that aspiring candidates learn how to prepare well for the admission process. Students would have their grade point average (GPA) meeting the requirements of a business school. Many would have attempted and passed the graduate admission management test (GMAT), the results of which are used by many graduate and business schools to evaluate capabilities of aspiring candidates. Working experience counts and so do a lot of other factors which candidates must know. They need to assess themselves and gauge if they quality to meet requirements of a business school. More often than not, characteristics that students tend to ignore are routine matters in a competitive test. All these factors need to be structured into the application essay.

  • Any study program undertaken by students after graduation would have to include their work experience or expertise in the field of study they wish to join. All business schools would want to know the background of students. Candidates should therefore spend enough time preparing inputs that could be commonly used for all MBA application essays. It could include work experience, social service workshops, excellence in sports or other extracurricular activities.
  • Make a list of all positive results achieved over the years. It does not matter if they are not related to the current study program. Business schools want to know if students have a positive trait and would go that extra mile to achieve the results they want. It does take a while before results start to come in. This indicates the tenacious nature of a student and the will to pursue a goal and achieve it.
  • Segregate all achievements into various groups including personal achievements, work experience, and managerial qualities exhibited with live examples. List as many as possible, but all achievements should be backed by solid evidence in the form of certificates or letters of merit. Business schools would like to enroll candidates with all-round capabilities. It should be clearly indicated in a MBA application essay.
  • A practical way of arriving at optimum content for the essay is to find out more about a business school. For example, an institution might be renowned for tutoring students in the field of internet marketing with the latest technology. Students have to arrive at the right balance by choosing their strengths that match the expertise of the school. It would enhance the probability of getting admission to the business school.
  • Once students have identified their strengths, they need to sit down and project them in a way that is easily understood by assessors. There is a limit to the number of words that can be included in the essay. Students need to be able to express their strengths and match them with the essay question posed by a business school. This does take time. But there are online content providers like who could help students compile result-oriented MBA application essays.