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MBA Essay

Tips For MBA Essay Writers

An MBA essay has to be impressive to really get across to an admission panel. You may have developed writing skills through the years. It has to be used to present a picture of yourself as a worthy candidate for selection. A positive assessment would indicate you possess the required qualities needed to attempt the MBA program as well as possess capabilities to complete the course successfully. Students tend to think that writing about oneself comes naturally. This is partly true. What is more important is that positives need to be presented in a way that can add to the score, while negatives should not necessarily reduce the score. How does one do this? Five tips are offered below to help students come up with a winning essay.

  • An MBA application essay is a personal essay written by students to offer information about themselves. Including routine content about academic achievements, sports interests, or extracurricular activities may help to some extent. It may not be sufficient though to make the essay unique. Students need to sit down for a brainstorming session and ask questions they feel need to be answered in an application essay. For example, a good question would be “Have you had to make a major decision about an event beyond your curriculum or experience and succeeded in achieving great results?” The answer would make interesting reading for the admission panel.
  • Try and keep your essay as short as possible. If the guidelines suggested 500 – 750 words, make efforts to keep the final draft between 510 – 550 words. The reason is simple. As you begin writing the MBA essay, use the free-flowing style without worrying too much about the length of the essay. The first draft could be as long as 1,000 words. It should not bother you. The proof-reading exercise would reduce it to a manageable level. In the process, you could add valuable content missed out earlier.
  • Use a mind map to chart out your progress through the years. There are several free versions available over the internet. The point to be elaborated would appear first. All connected ideas related to this point would extend from the base. The mind map would hold several points and several ideas generating out of these points. It is a useful tool, as you can have a glance at the entire map on a single page. It becomes easier to form the structure of the essay.
  • Make an attempt to write a story. A continuous flow of words elaborating on achievements, special events and characteristics would interest many readers. The purpose of the essay is to get admission. A complete shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary would do just fine if it can be incorporated in the essay. Students can talk of extreme sports or a voluntary assignment for an international body like UNESCO.
  • Following the example of a successful writer would help in coming close to writing the perfect MBA essay. Writers on the roll of are highly experienced academic writers who can compile management essays on varied topics. Students can learn the right way to compile an important assignment like an MBA admission essay from such professionals.