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Using MLA Essay Format

MLA Essay Format Facilitate Acknowledging Sources Used in Writing an Essay

MLA Essay FormatMLA essay format is to be followed in writing essay assignments if the students are asked to do so. If not specifically asked the student may select any of the few accepted writing styles like APA, Harvard, Chicago or Turabian. But MLA writing style is widely used for academic writing in the fields of Liberal arts and Humanities Modern language Association (MLA) has published clear guidelines for academic writers in their MLA Style Manual. Though the MLA Style Manual deals with every type of academic writing, MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers which is a simplified version of the Manual has clear guidelines for writing academic papers in high school, college and the university.

MLA Essay Format is simple Yet Sets High Standards for Writing

Students in high school and college are required to write essays for their coursework assignments. These essay assignments prepare the students to write more advanced academic work like research papers, theses and dissertations in addition to assess their progress in academic work. For this reason it is very beneficial for the students to learn the rules for the MLA essay format that have to be followed when they write the essays. Writing essays of high standard is the foundation for mastery in writing excellent academic work like theses and dissertations in their future academic careers.

Citing the References is very important in MLA Essay Format

Information and data from various sources are used to write an essay. If the sources are not mentioned and writer implies that they are his own findings then it leads to stealing of the academic work done by others and is called plagiarism. To avoid being accused of plagiarism writers are required to mention the sources used in writing the academic paper. Different writing styles require different ways of citing the references. MLA format requires a reference list written as per the rules in the handbook and allows for in-text referencing using parentheses.

MLA Guidelines cover Many Aspects of Formatting the Essay

MLA Manual and the Handbook offer a comprehensive set of rules for any type of writing like books, journals, research papers and reports etc. But the rules for essays are simple and the students have to refer to the handbook when in doubt. Following are some of the guides.

• Computer printouts on 11.5x 8 in white paper.
• Use 12 pt. letters in widely accepted common font.
• Double spacing has to be used throughout whole essay.
• On all four sides one inch margins have to be set.
• First line of a paragraph shall be indented half an inch from the margin.
• One space shall be left after all punctuation mark including periods.

Essay Help for writing Essays in MLA format

Some students may find it difficult following the MLA guidelines in writing their essays. They can get essay help from a good custom essay writing service that can provide good essays written on MLA essay format that gets them superior grades. The easiest way to get essay help is to buy custom essay online.