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Outlining a Research Paper

Outlining a Research Paper helps students to write with a Focus

Outlining a research paper helps the students to write a research paper without drifting away from the topic. Writing a research paper that sticks to the subject and the central thesis is not an easy task. Writing irrelevant things in a research paper lowers the quality of the paper and brings in low grades. In the same way, omission of essential relevant matters will affect the quality of the research paper adversely. If the students start writing their research papers with a well planned outline the chances of writing irrelevant stuff and omission of essential things will be minimized.

Writing an Outline is an important Step in Research Paper writing

Writing a research paper involves a series of tedious steps. All of these may be equally important. Make a note of them so as to learn the importance of each for the success of your paper.

• Selection of a topic
• Narrowing down the topic to a manageable level
• Preliminary research
• Identifying and defining the research problem or developing a thesis
• Identifying the sources for information and data
• Writing an outline
• Organizing the facts, data and information keeping the outline as a guide
• Writing the research paper
• Editing and proofreading

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How to write a good outline for your Research Paper

Outlining a research paper has to be done after defining the research problem and some research on the topic and sources of information is done. Organizing of the available data, information and arguments into a meaningful research paper can be done correctly and easily by writing an outline. An outline for a research paper contains the skeleton of the paper. Example of an outline is given below.
Topic: Poverty and Child Labor
I. Introduction
A. Definition of Child labor (cite UNICEF definition)
B. Significance of the Study
C. Thesis statement (child labor is caused by poverty, not vice versa)
II. Body
A. Prevalence of child labor in poor countries, statistics
B. Statistics of child labor from developed countries from USA and Europe
C. Can the trade barriers stop child labor in poor countries
III. Conclusion
IV. List of References

Improving your writing Skills Helps you to write great Research Papers

Your writing skills are the factors that decide wide acceptance of your research papers. Whether your thesis is sound, arguments are strong and data are convincing the presentation of the research is important for the paper to be understood, accepted and appreciated. A research paper needs to be well organized, written with correct grammar and according to the accepted writing style. Read good essays and write practice essays to improve your writing skills. You can get essays online to use as samples.

Help for writing your Research Paper

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