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Perfect Essay

Writing A Perfect Essay

A perfect essay may seem difficult to write considering the fact that they would be written by students in school and college. The assignment can be made much easier, if one adapts to some easy methods. Some of them can be mastered over a period of time, while others can be adapted quite quickly. Usually, students are taught to have an introduction, a body of several paragraphs depending on whether they choose to write a 3 paragraph essay or a 5 paragraph essay, and a summarized conclusion. It is easier to follow a system that works than to try and master essay writing through trial and error. The essential components of a good essay have been listed below and can be used to write essays of any length and type.

Arrive at the optimum sub topic. If you are given a list of general topics to choose from, choose one that could lead to a sub topic you are familiar with. For example, the topic could be “The role of in the internet in business.” A good sub topic would be “The role of the internet in email marketing.” The sub topic is more focused on a particular aspect of the topic you are familiar with and could be elaborated upon with confidence.
Depending on the style guide to be followed, a plan has to be prepared around the topic arrived at. The plan should incorporate the essay statement and essential ideas that would be elaborated upon in the body of the essay. The content can be fitted into an outline that contains the appropriate number of paragraphs. For instance, the introduction with the essay statement would be written in the first paragraph. The essay statement is the most important statement that leads to a perfect essay.

The body of the essay would hold the ideas. Initially, the number of paragraphs would not be specified. It would depend on the guidelines given. If it exceeds three paragraphs, students must think of additional ideas to include, as each idea would be elaborated into a paragraph. All content including arguments or ideas that support the thesis statement should be sequentially arranged in serial order for better understanding of readers. Ideally, a 5 paragraph essay would hold around 500 words. Students should basically include more points in the body, if the essay extends into a dissertation.
The conclusion would be the last paragraph and should summarize all that was said earlier. It should be able to convince readers about the point of view taken or direct them towards a particular action. The final statement should be creative and decisive enough.

Research is an important tool that students must learn to master. They cannot possibly know everything about a topic. Most of their knowledge would be gathered from text books and course material covered in class. It may not be sufficient to write essays on complex topics. The internet is a powerful medium which they must utilize to arrive at appropriate content to include in essays. The topic itself would form the key words to search for.
By adapting to these simple but time-tested methods, students could write perfect essays of varied topics.