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Racial Profiling Essay

The Importance Of A Racial Profiling Essay

A racial profiling essay can elaborate on the practice of including racial or ethnic characteristics to determine whether people would break the law or react as a law-abiding citizen. Very often, characteristics change as per the ethnic background. This is used by law-enforcement authorities to determine unpredictable behavior. It has been a standard practice to record characteristics demonstrated by people of different backgrounds. The recorded data has helped compile a practice what we now know as racial profiling. The practice has been in existence for a long time now. When seafarers and conquerors sailed across the seas to far-off lands, they used racial profiling to establish a balance between what they could offer to people belonging to different cultures against what they actually needed. The practice got distorted after a while, as people with a fair complexion or “white people” started exploiting people with a dark complexion or “black people.” It also has a lot to do with the level of development that existed in different places.

Police work is tough. Racial profiling essays can highlight how their jobs get easier by using racial profiling. People who defend the law should not indulge in racial discrimination. They are trained to be above reproach. To help them investigate a crime though, they are trained in racial profiling. It helps them decide the probability of a suspect committing a particular crime. Usually, they have knowledge about methods used by people of a certain racial background in committing crime. It provides the direction in which they can start a search or investigation, though they should not be prejudiced or biased in their thinking. For example, a particular state may have recorded a higher rate of drug running among people of a particular community. The probability of getting hold of the right suspect during a random car-searching exercise based on racial profiling would be higher.

Sadly, terrorism has come to stay. Our public buses, trains, and aircraft are not safe any longer. Governments across the globe have realized this fact and have taken various steps to prevent terrorism. One such step is racial profiling, especially as the airports. A racial profiling essay should indicate the measures used to prevent such activities. Security personnel are highly trained, but it is practically impossible to screen and check every single passenger who goes through security at the airports. Terrorists have realized this fact and have been able to breach security on numerous occasions. The September 11 terrorist attacks presented proof of the sophisticated methods used by them. There have been several episodes after that, but the chances of such an event happening in the United States are remote. The reason is simple. The government has taken various measures to zero in on suspects likely to be involved in similar terrorist activities in the future.

The world is getting smaller and resources to cater to the needs of a growing population are limited. Developed countries should help poorer countries develop to the extent that they become self reliant. Racial profiling essays should indicate that discrimination based on the color of the skin or religion is not the way ahead. Social profiling can be effective but only to a certain extent.