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Tips on Writing the Research Paper Introduction

Research Paper Introduction can decide the Success of the Paper

Research paper introduction is the first thing that the reader actually reads. It should make a favorable first impression about the research paper by meeting all the intended purposes. Some students pay a lot of attention to the main body of the research paper ignoring the importance of the introduction. If you write a boring introduction, it is difficult to get the reader to go through the paper with a keen interest. They may just decide that the paper is not worth reading, at the very outset. Therefore, writing a compelling and attention getting introduction is vital for the success of any research paper.

Purposes of an Introduction

An introduction has many functions to perform. If it meets all intended purposes the reader will be hooked to reading the main body of the research paper that includes information, findings of the research and conclusions drawn by you. Main function of the introduction is making the reader ready to read the whole paper with sharp attention and understand the point you are making by the findings of your research. Getting the attention of the reader is imperative.

As a research paper is read by people who are familiar with the field of study, short background information on the topic is enough for updating or refreshing the knowledge of the reader. Reader should be given an idea of your research question, and how the research question connects with the selected topic. It helps the reader if he is informed of the how the paper is organized. An introduction normally ends with the thesis statement. As an exercise, students can download a free research paper or an essay online, and check whether the introduction meets all these functions.

Opening the Introduction

There are several ways of opening your Research Paper Introduction. Opening the introduction with a quotation is appropriate for a literary research paper. Writing an anecdote that arouses the interest of the reader also is another way to open the introductory paragraph. Any reader is expecting some questions to be answered in the paper. So, opening the introduction with a question also gets the attention of the reader. An unusual detail or a startling statistic that is connected to the topic is a strong attention getter that can be used as an opener.

Research Paper Introduction as a Road Map

Another important function of the introduction is to inform about how the paper is organized. This part of introduction can follow the research paper outline prepared for writing the paper. Some students write the introduction when they start writing the research paper. This can be helpful as an outline for the paper if a separate outline is not prepared. If the research leads to some new findings that would make it necessary to change the thesis and the thesis statement introduction needs to be re-written. This can be avoided by writing the introduction after finishing the research. If any student is wondering how to write my essay or research paper introduction they can order a custom essay or a research paper.

Get Help and Write an Attention grabbing Introduction

Research paper introduction can make or break the paper. Avoid this by getting research paper help to write a good introduction for your paper. If your introduction is weak, the research paper will not get that superb grade it deserves, even though your findings and arguments were sound.