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What is a Research Paper Thesis?

Research Paper Thesis declares the main Idea in the Research Paper

A research paper needs a research paper thesis to declare its contents at the beginning. It also acts as a road map for the writer as well as the reader. A well formulated thesis and a clearly written thesis statement drawn out of it are expected to serve this purpose. Students can write marvelous research papers if they master the art of developing theses and writing thesis statements. Experience and practice are the best ways for becoming a master in research paper writing. Students can gain experience by referring to well written research papers so that the knowledge gained can be applied in to their own research paper writing.

Research Paper is different from an Essay

Most students get their assignments to write research papers for the first time at the college level. Research papers are different from essays. The essays represent the author’s ideas and viewpoints. A research paper in contrast contains the ideas of the others that have been researched and presented after analysis. This analyzed data gathered through the research process is used to prove or establish the writer’s own view point which will be the thesis statement or the hypothesis of the study. Essay writing is used in the middle school and high school as a powerful learning tool for the students. They are used for assessment of students’ knowledge. Students buy or download essays online for use as sample essays.

What is a good Research Paper Thesis

A good research paper thesiscan be recognized easily, if the students know the characteristics of a good research paper thesis. Check whether, your thesis statements have the following characteristics:
• A research paper thesis should not be a question. It has to be an answer to the research question.
• It has to be specific and focus sharply on the topic examined in the research paper.
• Thesis for a research paper has to deal with only one topic.
• The readers should be able to know what to expect in the research paper.
• A thesis has to be debatable.

Purpose Statements for Research Paper

In some cases, purpose statement takes the place of the thesis in a research paper. The students have to learn the difference between the purpose statement and the thesis. The main difference is that a thesis declares the end result or the conclusion of the research project. But a purpose statement will tell the reader what the research expects to achieve. A purpose statement takes the form “This paper aims to investigate…” or “Purpose of this study is to …”. Students have to discuss the suitability of a purpose statement for his/her research paper with the instructor. They can get help from writing services that offer many services including sample research papers, sample essays, custom research papers and custom essays.

Help for Writing Research Papers

If a student can write a good research paper without any assistance, he/she can write an excellent research paper with research paper help from a good research paper service. Qualified and experienced writers at good research paper writing company will help students write research papers that are well received and accepted by their professors and the academic community. They can help by guiding the student on selecting a good topic for the research project, formulating the research paper thesis, writing the literature review, designing the research methodology as well as with the data analysis. You can also enlist the help of a top ranking writing company such as to custom write your research paper and edit it.