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Getting the Structure of an Essay Right

Structure of an Essay is a Crucial Factor determining its Success

Structure of an essay plays a critical role in its coherence, clarity and readability. Though there is not any specified structure for writing essays, students can use the widely used standard structures like five paragraph essay structure for writing their essays. Some types of essays like compare and contrast essays may need different structures other than the five paragraph structure. Though the five-paragraph format is widely taught at the high school, in the college students will have to think beyond that, and get used to structure their essays to suit the needs.

Structure helps the Essay to perform its Functions

An essay has to perform some functions. They are introduction of the topic and an argument on the topic, providing evidences and data that support the argument, reinforcing the argument and concluding. The structure of the essay has to help these functions. The location of the introduction and conclusion in the essay cannot be changed. They have to be at their natural places, at the beginning and the end respectively. Everything else has to be written between the introduction and the conclusion. Research papers also have to start with the introduction and end with the conclusion. The body should be organized in a way that the content flows systematically and logically to explain or establish the central point being discussed.

Five-paragraph Essay Structure is appropriate for most Essays

Five-paragraph essay format is widely used due to its functionality for most essays. In the high school, students learn to write essays on this format. They can appreciate how the structure helps the essay to present a set of ideas one at a time in a coherent manner to make a sensible argument. Students can use the following structure of an essay written on five-paragraph essay format.

1. Paragraph 1
a. Introduction to the topic
b. Background information on the topic
c. Thesis statement
2. Paragraph 2
a. Topic sentence introducing first point
b. Description or explanation
3. Paragraph 3
a. Topic sentence introducing second point
b. Description or explanation
4. Paragraph 4
a. Topic sentence introducing third point
b. Description or explanation
5. Paragraph 5
a. Summary of the main points
b. General conclusion inline with the thesis (Restatement of the thesis)
c. Discussion of any implications>

In a well-structured Essay, Everything is in its proper Place

In a well-structured essay, everything is in its proper place. For the reader to understand the argument and the point of view of the author, the information has to be presented in a logical order. Then only, the reader can easily follow what the author attempts to tell. The purpose of the structure is to bring the ideas and information to the reader with a smooth flow, one idea at a time. Students can buy custom essay online when they cannot meet the requirements of the assignment or the deadline for final submission.

Essay Help for well-structured convincing Essays

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