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Thesis Statements for Research Papers

Writing Thesis Statements for Research Papers Should Not be a Disaster

Writing thesis statements for research papers is not a difficult task, nor should it be a disaster, if the students do it in the correct way. First step to writing a strong, workable thesis statement is to understand what a thesis statement is. Thesis statement announces the main idea of the research paper. A research paper is written to present findings of a research conducted. The type of the thesis statement to be written depends on the type of research carried out. The different types of research that are reported in a research papers are based on scientific experiments, field observations, surveys to collect data and research of various publications and documents to find information and data.

Difference between an Essay and a Research Paper

The research papers written in different disciplines take different styles, and some types of papers do not need thesis statements. Research papers presenting results of laboratory experiments may have a purpose statement instead of thesis statements. As all types of thesis statements cannot be discussed in a short article, this page is confined to research involving only the published papers, books and other documents.

This type of research is mainly carried out by students in Arts, Humanities and Social sciences. There are some similarities between research papers and essays, but they are not the same. The essays are written to express the ideas of the author and the contents are author’s knowledge. In contrast, when writing a research paper the author finds information, data and evidences from other sources and uses them to support his/her idea, or the stand point. This stand point is in fact the main idea of the research paper and is the basis of the research thesis statement.

How to write Thesis Statements for Research Papers

Thesis is the main idea of a research paper. It controls the whole paper. A research paper supports, develops and proves an idea expressed in the thesis statement. When writing thesis statements for research papers, students have to find a research question or a research problem within the area covered by the topic. A research question should be singular, and not have many questions. It has to be specific and clearly defined. A strong thesis cannot be formulated on a vague idea. The thesis should tell the readers what research is going to prove or support. This has to be stated briefly and specifically, preferably in one sentence.

Steps involved in writing a Research Paper

Writing thesis statement is an important step in writing a research paper, but there are many tasks to do to finish a paper. They are:

• Selecting a topic
• Narrow down the topic
• Finding a research problem
• Formulating thesis
• Writing thesis statement
• Research to find information
• Writing the paper
• Editing and proofreading

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Writing an Excellent Research with a little Help

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