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Selecting Topics for Argumentative Essays

Topics for Argumentative Essays should have Supporting and Opposing Viewpoints

Topics for Argumentative Essays have to be debatable. If the topic and the thesis are obvious, then there are no arguments about it. Good argumentative topics have a large number of supporters and a comparable number of supporters. Argumentative essays test the logical skills of the students, in addition to writing skills, and a sound argument is only possible with proper knowledge of the subject. When selecting a topic for argumentative essay, students have to take a stand on the selected issue and clearly state this position in the thesis statement.

Thesis Formulation for an Argumentative Essay

Formulation of a good thesis is crucial for the success of an argumentative essay. A thesis has to be workable and therefore, students have to find valid and convincing arguments to support the stand selected by the student. A good thesis has to be built on an issue connected to the selected topic. Good argumentative topics will have many debatable issues. However, if you select a topic that is not fit for this type of essay, then you will face a problem when it comes to formulating a proper and arguable thesis. Good sources of topic ideas of current interest include news papers, magazines, TV news items and websites that offer essays online.

Sample Topics for Argumentative Essays

Although there are many sources for getting ideas and topics for argumentative essays

• Violent video games affect mental health of young children
• School children should be given financial incentives for better performance
• Beauty pageants are degrading women
• Use of mobile phones in public places has become a nuisance, and should be banned
• Single sex schools and colleges have to be promoted because mixed education creates many problems like teenage pregnancies, fatherless children and propagation of STDs like HIV
• It is time that men started their movements for liberation for males
• Teaching creationism in schools is going back to medieval times, and perhaps burning at stake
• Role played by NATO and US in Libya is violation of sovereignty of an independent nation

Argumentative Essays should present winning Arguments

Argumentative essays should present winning arguments. They should be based on true and accurate facts. If the arguments are based on inaccurate information and false statements, the readers will lose interest reading the essay. The reputation of the writer is also at stake. It is the responsibility of the students to verify the correctness and accuracy of the facts and information used in the essay. Any good essay writing service or a research paper service can help students, not only to find winning topics but provide them with winning argumentative essays.

Write an Argumentative Essay that wins the Argument

Professional help contributes to the success of an essay as much as good topics for argumentative essays can contribute. By getting essay help to write an argumentative essay can produce an essay that wins the argument. Getting help for writing academic papers like essays, term papers, research papers, theses and dissertations, has been made easy by the online writing companies that provide a very useful service to students. They can order custom essays and custom term papers that meet the requirements of the assignments.