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War Essay

A war essay on the conflicts that take place in this world could be a continuous exercise considering the number of wars taking place. War has always a means to force an issue or settle old grudges. Earlier, it used to be kings and monarchs who declared war on each other. Now, countries find reasons to fight with each other citing reasons like religious beliefs, border disputes, or a history of conflict prodding them on in the same direction. People have got used to living with fear of physical danger. War has taken a whole new meaning where human lives mean nothing to achieve a desired result.

War is a complicated business now. Power is something which many countries desire to expand reach beyond their shores. For example, a war essay can show that recovery from destruction after the Gulf War was not really difficult once money came into play. It provided the power to change a country’s destiny and come out of a rut that probably poor countries would have taken decades to accomplish. Money buys guns, and guns lead to war. The complication of fuel and other essential commodities that govern world markets have triggered many such wars and will continue to do so. A research paper would prove that natural resources of the world are limited and unfortunately, in the hands of a minority in the world. Envy leads to power being yielded to influence the thought process of a collective group of countries towards sharing. This creates a deficit that leads to confrontation and conflict.

Drugs have long been the sustaining power of the underworld. Crime is committed by feeding drugs to innocent people, that which can harm the next generation. The drug mafia has penetrated international barriers to create a path of destruction. The world has woken up and declared war against these traffickers. Again, the power of money has prevented the mafia from being dislodged totally. Corrupt officials are involved in helping these activities. A war essay should attempt to make our governments and people more vigilant to prevent further damage.

Terrorism has come to stay. Though a dreadful thought, it is a fact we would have to live with. What started as an armed retaliation against atrocities has shifted gears. Religious fundamentalism is playing a big role in creating these messengers of death. There is fear of the unknown. Governments have failed to stop these terror groups who recruit people ready to lay down their lives for a cause they sometimes don’t care about. An essay writing exercise would indicate that it could be poverty, fundamentalism, or a tendency towards self destruction that lead these people to blow themselves up and others without batting an eyelid.

Life is never going to be the same unless there is equality among all. The United Nations has recognized this fact and has taken several steps to end the disparity that exists in the world. We have to recognize the symptoms of war within our own countries starting with our own neighborhood if there has to be an end to conflict. A war essay can start by focusing on conflicts existing in our own backyard and try to provide solutions to issues.