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An Answer to your Question; “What is Essay?”

Knowing what is Essay Simplifies Essay writing

If he students know what is essay, they can write better essays as per the requirements expected by their tutors or examiners. An essay is a written to convey ideas, observations, arguments or opinions of the writer. Though almost all the essays are written as prose, some literary works written in verse also have been known as essays. There are some other non-literary creations that are classed as essays. Photographic essays, cinematic essays or musical essays are examples. Today, essays are extensively used as an educational tool, for developing the students’ writing skills.

Use of Essay as an Educational Tool

Essays are used to assess the as an educational tool to develop the skills to assess the accomplishments of students at all levels of the education system. Essay writing is a common learning activity that the students have to perform in the school as well as in the college. Students have to learn various types of writing used for different purposes. Students learn to write different standard types of essays, in order to get experience and expertise to write different documents like letters, reports, manuals and research papers. Student can call for help from a good research paper service, when they get difficult essay writing assignments.

Standard Essay Types

Learning different essay types prepares students to write different documents in their future careers. Some standard types of essays learned by the students:

• Narrative essay
• Descriptive essay
• Classification essay
• Definition essay
• Process Essay
• Cause and effect essay
• Compare and contrast essay
• Dialectic essay
• Argumentative essay
• Persuasive essay
• Literary analysis essay

Before starting to write an essay, a student has to know what is essay type required by the assignment. If not specified, they have to decide on the essay type on their own.

Five Paragraph Essay Format

The most common essay format taught to students in the high school or even the junior high school is the five paragraph essay format. By practicing, to write essays in five paragraph essay format, students learn to organize their ideas in a logical manner and present their ideas in a coherent, smoothly flowing and readable essay. Five paragraph essays begin with an introductory first paragraph followed by three main body paragraphs that contain the main ideas, arguments or information on the topic. Final paragraph finishes the essay with a summary of the three body paragraphs and conclusion of the essay. When the students are unable to complete a passable essay they can buy essay from a professional essay writing company.

Essay help to get Superior Grades

Sometimes students cannot cope up with finishing the assignments they get on various subjects. When they are faced with problems in writing an essay for an assignment and submitting it before the deadline, they can get essay help from a good essay writing service. Type of help available ranges from sample essays, custom essays, editing to proofreading. By getting help with sample essays students, get a good grasp of what is essay as written by professional writers.