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Exclusive Help in Formatting Your Annotated Bibliographies

An annotated bibliography is often a good and pragmatic preamble to a profound research project. Annotated bibliographies differ from the traditional bibliographies in the sense that while a bibliography is a simple compilation of the sources used while researching a topic, an annotated bibliography conducts an academic evaluation of the respective sources cited in a thesis.

Thus, while it is quite easy to collect sources to compose a plain bibliography, writing an annotated bibliography requires each and every source to be read and evaluated thoroughly. From this description, it’s obvious that an annotated bibliography needs a major investment of time and energy.

An annotated bibliography informs a researcher about the most relevant investigation that has been conducted on a given problem. It also enables him/her to place own research in a proper context. Many of our customers quite often ask us to provide them with annotated bibliographies. This not only makes their study easier, but also allows them to define their research topic using the most up -to-date information. As a bibliography is an integral part of any research thesis that makes the whole paper credible, drafting an annotated bibliography enables a researcher to determine the validity of the sources referred to at the outset.

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Our writers are well versed in the latest research techniques. Indeed, they possess ample experience in academic writing, including an annotated bibliography. They will not only prepare a detailed summary of each and every source, but can also successfully evaluate the relative importance, usefulness and reliability of the cited sources. Their expertise allows them to deeply reflect on the specific importance that a particular source commands in a research project. In addition, they can readily draft an annotated bibliography in any format you ask for, whether it’s MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, or Oxford.

Usage of online sources has added a new dimension to annotated bibliographies. Though the latest formatting guides and manuals do include the citation methods to be used, they often fail to mention the criteria by which an online source ought to be evaluated for the purposes of drafting an annotated bibliography. However, this is not much of a problem for the writers at They are well aware of the basic criteria to be used while assessing online sources. They will not only determine the reliability and credibility of an online source, but also include other vital details like the last date of updating and possible origins.