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Ample news reports demonstrate the trend that teachers across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia believe that the writing skills of students have markedly declined. Our writers at say that the main problem does not lie in the way students write essays and term papers, but rather in their underdeveloped editing skills.

Many students like to think that a good writing is all about the ideas you come up with quickly and naturally, and too much editing actually kills an original work. They fail to understand the bitter fact that this may be true in the case of literary writers. However,  the academic writing has much to do with the end result – good grades. Therefore, it always pays off to get the help of a professional for editing your essays and term papers. We provide editing services for all types of academic assignments, essays, term papers, dissertations, coursework, thesis, literature review, research proposals, and many other.

Experienced & Capable Editors is a home for some of the best editors available in the custom writing market. This statement is predominantly based on the fact that editing is an art which can be developed only through experience. To date, we haven’t come across a single dedicated course or program that teaches editing skills. Good editing is not merely about checking grammatical and spelling mistakes.

In fact, the true mark of a seasoned editor lies in enhancing an assignment completion by creating more clarity and force. Our editors after years of hard work and academic involvement have mastered the fine art of editing.

Challenge of Academic Editing

Unfortunately, there are only a few students who are aware of the importance of editing in their academic assignments. But still they prefer to take the help of a friend or a relative, rather then hiring a professional editor. They do not know that academic editing is quite unlike general editing. It’s a task that has multiple stages and aspects. However, it isn’t merely confined to a purely linguistic and grammatical scope. Only professional writers, who have substantial experience in academic writing and editing tasks, understand the nuances involved in such a serious work.

Aspects of Academic Editing

  • Every editing assignment that we receive is first of all checked for linguistic accuracy like spelling, grammatical, punctuation mistakes and use of capital letters. Our editors also work hard to improve on the writing style of a customer by looking for excess verbiage, lack of fluency, level of language skills, incorrect usage of words, politically incorrect language, and words of foreign origin.
  • Care is taken to organize a given academic assignment properly by readjusting the paragraph structure. The clarity of the thesis statement is accentuated, while the text is rearranged to reflect unity and logic. Headings and sub-headings are introduced, and the confusing segments are deleted or replaced with the fresh text.
  • The most skill oriented part of academic editing is to ensure a correct formatting style. The submitted assignment is treated laboriously to guarantee the mandatory formatting requirements like the title page, bibliography, page numbers, in text citations, footnotes, alignment, citation style, etc.

What eventually results from this hard and mostly non-linear editing process is an academic assignment which is tip-top, and set to score the good grades.