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Thesis which Earns the Respect of Academic Community

Clearly, thesis submission is often a mandatory precursor to obtaining an academic degree at the Master’s or PhD level. A thesis serves many crucial objectives within an academic framework. It not only exhibits students’ knowledge and potential to contribute to the field, but also displays their ability to develop a truly original idea from start to finish. A well written thesis always manages to convey its intent and objectives to the interested readers concisely and logically. Frankly speaking,  the writers at are ready to provide you with just such a thesis.

Undergraduate Thesis

In an undergraduate thesis, the examiners mostly look for the originality of approach, the independence of research, and a student’s level of mastery over a particular subject. While evaluating a post graduate thesis, the examiners prefer to assess the contribution it has made to the existing body of knowledge pertaining to a subject, the maturity of research, and the method of presentation.

PhD Thesis

A PhD thesis requires a research scholar to establish the validity of his research in the context of the existing knowledge. It includes a broad based literature review as well as the underscoring of the contribution it has made to the existing literature.

Thesis Structure

Almost all types of thesis are bound by the rules of structure and formatting. This structure endows a thesis with a logical continuity, which all writers will develop in your thesis gradually and effectively leaving no room for misinterpretation. The essential and most basic structure typically includes:

  • Introduction
    A good introduction paves the way for establishing a framework for the subsequent research. Additionally, it also states the purpose of research, related questions and the research hypothesis. A research hypothesis may be considered to be the fundamental base of any thesis. Besides, it unambiguously states the aims and objectives of the research.
  • Methodology
    It explains in detail the sample methods resorted to data gathering process and justifies their credibility and relevance. What is more, it mentions the limitations inherent in the topic as well as the assumptions made in the research.
  • Results and Discussion
    This section attempts to present the findings drawn during the research with the help of visual aids like statistics and graphs. It is expected to mention both the negative and positive results deduced from the research. The discussion part underscores the relevant relationships evinced by the chosen variables and their correlations to the previous research.
  • Conclusion
    A valid conclusion presents the most credible statement that can be made from the available research observations. It highlights the new interpretations and insights yielded by the undertaken research. Moreover, it predicts the broad implications of the conclusions drawn from the research.

These salient constituents of a thesis are subsequently followed by recommendations, acknowledgements, and references.

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At we are aware of the fact that every ordered thesis is a special assignment that has to be allocated to a writer with a relevant academic background and practical experience in carrying out independent research. Our worthy research scholars aren’t only familiar with the existing research related to the given topic, but are also up-to-date in the current research methodologies and trends.  Besides, they are in the know about the onerous responsibility and trust placed on their shoulders by a research thesis. All this adds up to the delivery of credible, acclaimed, and many a time published thesis.