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Puzzled with Your Multiple Choice Questions?

Multiple choice based assignments and examinations have become an integral part of the current academic system. Educational institutions are increasingly showing a preference for multiple choice questions for a variety of reasons. The distinct advantages and constraints offered by multiple choice questions are:

  • Multiple choice questions allow for the more holistic and broad testing of a student’s knowledge and understanding concerning a particular topic.  Thus, the students who have missed classes and haven’t learnt the needed material on their own are likely to fail. Actually, this approach has been proven to be the most effective when it comes to the evaluation.
  • It is relatively easier for the teachers to evaluate multiple choice questions. In reality, these tasks make the students a bit puzzled, as they have to decide whether a multiple choice question is either right or wrong. Unlike lengthy questions or assignments, multiple choice questions do not give the students a chance to stand midway in terms of grades. Therefore, it is imperative for a student to give right answers to most of the questions to score good grades.
  • Besides, multiple choice questions allow the teacher to diagnose a student’s understanding, capabilities, and potential in a better way, as they offer multiple response alternatives. Actually, the issue is that those students who do not feel well in such assignments may be perceived as being less capable or deficient. Therefore, a good score in a multiple choice assignment definitely bolsters a teacher’s positive perception of a student which is reflected on the good grades and favorable internal assessments.
  • Multiple choice questions enable the examiners to comprehensively check a student’s level of cognitive complexity. Again, a good performance in a multiple choice assignment or test definitely stands to have a dramatic impact on a student’s academic progress.

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